About Us

Sykick was created with the sole purpose of making unique ageless sneakers. Stuff which was not available anywhere else.
We reconstruct iconic silhouettes from the ground up using premium materials, creative designs and fine craftsmanship.
All our pairs are handcrafted to ensure the utmost attention to detail. We dont compromise on time or materials. All our products are made to last!
The concept behind $tudio is to create new designs tailored to your specifications and ideas.
  • Each custom pair will be individually priced. The pair will be unique to your preferences and tastes. Prices will vary based on donors, size, detail, materials, etc.
  • All pairs are MADE TO ORDER. You will need to fill this form in its entirety, else the order will not be considered.
  • Appointments will be confirmed after deposits are received.
  • All deposits are final and non-refundable.
  • Donors are extra and can be sent by you or we can source you one. (The donors need to be a fresh unworn pair)