AF1 “NIKE” Boots

Handcrafted in Mumbai

90,000.00 Incl. taxes

Our latest creation, a stunning pair of sneakers that pays homage to the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike. Meticulously crafted with exquisite materials, these sneakers exude luxury and style.

Using a combination of Premium Satin, 24k Gold Leather, and Premium Matte Leathers, we have achieved a truly captivating design. The addition of Japanese Cotton denim adds a unique touch of texture and character.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, these sneakers feature elegant drapes that evoke a sense of timeless beauty. Delicate accents of gold are strategically placed throughout, symbolizing the essence of “Victory.” On the interior sides, you’ll find the word “NIKE” gracefully written in Greek font, further embracing the mythical inspiration.

To enhance your individual style, this exceptional pair includes two pairs of detachable wings, allowing you to customize your look effortlessly. Additionally, our Gold Sykick lace stoppers add a touch of opulence to your stride.

Prepare to conquer the world with these extraordinary sneakers, inspired by the strength and grace of Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory.

  • All pairs are Made to Order. All orders are confirmed after deposits are received.
  • All deposits are final and non-refundable.
  • Donors are extra and can be sent by you or we can source you one. (The donors need to be a fresh unworn pair)
  • Standard shipping time is 6-8 weeks.